Park Hill Neighborhood

We seek to be a blessing in the SouthEast part of Colorado Springs, particularly the Park Hill Neighborhood, according to many census and city data sites, to be south of Platte, east of Circle, west of Academy and north of Fountain Blvd.  We endeavor to bless this diverse community in a variety of ways.

Monroe Elementary

We have begun a partnership with Monroe Elementary.  We have been loving on the staff by providing occasional meals on work days, volunteering for school events, and hosting after school clubs for the students.  Monroe educates most of the young kids of Park Hill.

Knob Hill Neighborhood and Crossing Community Center

We have begun a partnership with the Crossing to reach the Knob Hill Neighborhood as well.  Our desire is to spend time with those who neighbor the Crossing’s property.  The Crossing is in process of creating a Community Center at their property which will include a place for kids to belong, adults to be served, and an immigration center where folks can receive help in their process of becoming a citizen.  Our group intends to have hands on support of this community center and be involved in the immigration center as well.